Now could be a good time for you to start thinking about applying for promotion or a teaching award. You may not wish to apply this year, but putting together your ideas can be very useful for both performance planning discussions as well as other applications. A first step could be to think about:

  • What you have done differently in learning and teaching,
  • Why you have done it – what was the problem you were addressing
  • What was the result – the impact on student learning
  • Then what? Did you share it with colleagues, or write a paper or presentation?

Two successful award applicants share their story

In the following videos taken at our first workshop, Alison Beavis and Jenna Price each talk about how they went about applying for a teaching award. Everyone has their own story to tell about their work in learning and teaching, what evidence they have of the impact they made, what they have done and how they know it has impacted student learning. Alison and Jenna describe their own process of making a case.

What questions do you have?

The final video is the question and answer section in the workshop – where would be applicants were able to ask two successful awardees how they went about doing their applications. Each of the stories are different, as yours would be too.

What next?

There are three further workshops scheduled, the next one being Wednesday 17th July 1 – 2.30. You can register for the next workshop at the link below.

If you have any questions about applying you can contact

Focusing your case and practising your claims | 17 July

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