We recently published a toolkit to assist teaching staff who need to modify their subject’s learning materials for students affected by travel restrictions. To keep up with the changes that the challenge of responding to COVID-19 brings, we are updating this toolkit regularly. Here are some of the key updates for you to be aware of.

Revisit our Technology Guide for updates on the effectiveness of our recommended tools

Our guide to Recommended Tools & Technology has had a fresh update – in terms of how tools can be accessed from China, the changes are minor and mostly positive. Additionally, UTS has implemented an optional VPN (virtual private network) service that may provide remote students easier access to our core student and learning platforms, and these students have been provided with instructions on how to access the VPN. If they are using this service but are still having issues with our recommended tools, they should be directed to Service Connect. Rest assured, this back-end solution will not impact on your work as an academic. As a last resort, files can be packaged up as a zip file – we can advise if this is the best option for you.

Face-to-face teaching in the classroom

While the majority of the toolkit is aimed at adapting content for online students, we also need to acknowledge the challenges that academics and students face within the classroom during this challenging time. In our new section on face-to-face teaching, we offer advice on creating a sense of community in the classroom, provide presentation slides to inform your students, answer questions that address your concerns in a list of FAQs and offer suggested classroom activities.

Assessment & Academic Integrity

How can we support students being assessed online and ensure that they understand and practice academic integrity? Follow our Assessment & Academic Integrity guide, which runs through the pros and cons of the various assessment options.

Best practice for video

Rather than attempting to record your live classes, we recommend producing custom-recorded slides with voice-over power narration, that are then ‘chunked’ down into smaller videos. Find out how to achieve this and how we can support you in this media guide.

Associated events

Shirley Alexander (DVC Education and Students) has been available at the LX.lab throughout this week to answer any questions you may have about teaching during this disruptive period – register here for Thursday’s 10:30am session or here for midday on Friday. Additionally, there is a Challenges and Opportunities workshop on the afternoon of Thursday 12th, also at the LX.lab – please come along and share your experiences. For future workshops and information sessions, keep an eye on our events page.

Canvas Lab

As ever, the LX.lab is here to provide support when you need it. We recently announced our hours had been extended to coincide with the start of Autumn session. In light of the challenges that the current situation presents, we have extended Canvas Lab until April 3rd. If your subject has been directly affected by recent events, you can lodge a COVID-19 specific request via this form.

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