A new Canvas site to help students understand Academic Integrity at UTS has been launched just in time for the start of Autumn 2024 session. This new tutorial and quiz was developed by a collaborative working group consisting of HELPS, Library, IML and PGLD, with advice from faculty representatives.

What is new about it?  

The new ‘Academic Integrity at UTS’ has been created to provide students with clear and consistent guidance about what’s acceptable and what’s not. It will soon take over from the older resources such as ‘Avoiding Plagiarism’ as they will cease to be supported from mid-2024.

The revamped tutorial widens the focus from avoiding plagiarism to academic integrity more broadly, with an emphasis on 3 key aspects of academic integrity that have been heavily promoted across UTS since 2023:

  • create something original
  • credit others
  • collaborate with care
Visual from the module asking 'Are you ready to create something original?' and explaining 'If you feel confused about how to maintain academic integrity, it's okay, just ask!'

What does the tutorial include?  

The new Canvas site has also integrated material on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to help students understand how these new technologies can be used in ways that align with the UTS approach towards academic integrity.  

The modules provide a range of scenarios so that students can see examples of behaviours that are and aren’t acceptable. Each has a brief quiz to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the various aspects of academic integrity.  

When can my students do the tutorial?  

The tutorial can be done as one complete set, or students can dip in and out of modules depending on which aspects of academic integrity they want to know more about. Although the tutorial and quiz are not compulsory, using class time to encourage your students to complete it will increase the likelihood of students engaging with it and therefore better understanding this essential aspect of their studies.  

How can students access it?  

The new ‘Academic Integrity at UTS’ course is in Canvas, and students can enrol themselves into the site and will then have access to it throughout their studies at UTS.

If you need an up-to-date instruction page for your Canvas subject site, import the ‘Academic Integrity at UTS’ page from Canvas Commons. Follow our ‘How to import’ guide. If you have previously imported this content from Commons, you will be notified of the new update in the Commons menu bar under ‘Updates‘.  

What else is available?  

The student academic integrity website provides students with information and links to study support. For staff, there’s the academic integrity sharepoint site, which has more information, ideas and resources for helping your students better understand Academic Integrity at UTS.

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