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Freedom to learn: de-grading formal assessment

By Katherina Petrou,

Why do we grade, and what happens when we don't? Katherina Petrou shares what she and her students learned by 'de-grading'

Futures blog

Students don’t see feedback as feedback

By Marty van de Weyer,

You may think you're giving ample feedback – so why do student survey answers on the quality and quantity of feedback not rank higher?

Futures blog

Learning & Teaching Forum preview: student feedback literacy

By Ann Wilson,

In the lead-up to the Learning and Teaching Forum, Ann Wilson and Marty van de Weyer summarise feedback literacy for students.

Futures blog

From the FFYE Forum: Doing Feedback – making it count

By Kathy Egea,

A packed FFYE Forum considered some big ideas in feedback and assessment, with students and staff sharing experience and practice.

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