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Ten books by Indigenous authors for Summer reading

By Shannan Dodson,

Looking for a good book to read over the Summer? Here are ten great books by Indigenous writers!

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Language resources for your students: reading and writing infographics

By Deborah Nixon,

Take a look at these handy resources to help your students develop academic reading and writing skills.

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4 reasons to register for next week’s seminar: ‘Getting students to do their readings’

By Rhiannon Hall,

We've all heard the one about students who just won't read. But did you know the LX.lab will be hosting a seminar next week with tips and advice to get your students reading?

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Tips on preparing and assigning reading work

By Elaine Huber,

Get tips for preparing and assigning reading work

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What we’re reading: staff from IML

By Futures Team,

'So, what are you reading at the moment?' It's an age-old conversation starter. Find out what's being read by staff around UTS, whether it's great, boring or anything in between.

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