An integral aspect of the online learning experience at UTS is providing opportunities for students to engage and participate in their learning. We know that students benefit from taking an active role in their learning which leads to them coming to class better prepared. We also know that building online learning resources that challenge your students to go beyond can be time-consuming.

With this in mind, the LXT team has been working towards different solutions that allow you to create engaging content in Canvas more easily. Enter H5P, a completely web-based authoring tool that allows you to build, share and publish a wide range of interactive components in your Canvas subject site.

So, what are the key benefits of H5P?

1. There’s a tool for every occasion

In Canvas, you can now build, edit and insert up to 28 different types of engaging content via H5P all in one place. Ranging from hotspots and drag and drop questions to interactive presentation slides, you can easily find a tool for every occasion.

2. It’s intuitive and accessible

Drawing from your feedback, we know that unless it is intuitive to use for both you and your and students, it won’t be effective. H5P is easy to use and can be accessed directly within the ‘rich content editor’ in Canvas to build and insert content. Once inserted, students can interact with the content from any web enabled PC or mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

3. Your students come prepared and engaged

Depending on your instructional needs, you can create activities that engage and challenge your students. An online activity may prepare a student for engaging in a face-to-face session, while information formatted differently to a wall of text can help direct students to critical information and allow them to test their knowledge.

Where to find H5P

H5P can be accessed by all staff with an UTS Canvas account. Please check out the guides available on the LX Resources site to find out more about H5P.  If you’d like to get additional assistance, you can also book a face-to-face or receive online support from the LX.lab services team via our booking form.

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