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Open Education: using H5P to create accessible OERs

By Chris Girdler,

H5P can be a great tool for producing resources that are open and accessible, but are you using the best activity type?

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Share interactive items with H5P’s OER hub

By David Yeats,

Choose to give or take in an evolving new space for interactive open education resources.

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Alternatives to SCORM in Canvas

By Emerson Sunardi,

As SCORM packages become less prevalent in learning technology, we take a look at new ways of creating interactive content in Canvas.

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Shift your lecture content to online video with our new media resources

By Phil Betts,

Get the scoop on our new range of online video support materials, released this week as part of our 'Bounce back into Spring' series

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Tooltime recap: exploring Course Presentation in H5P

By Kathryn Ayrton,

Catch up on our recent Tooltime which explored Course Presentation, an interactive content layout tool in H5P.

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Focus on H5P: Adapting to learner needs

By Emerson Sunardi,

Unlock the secrets of 3 H5P features that can be used to help tailor the learning experience online.

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Focus on H5P: the benefit of using branching scenarios

By LX Team,

In the next instalment of our 'Focus on H5P' series, Nat Fay and Vanessa Scarf apply branching scenario activity types to Midwifery coursework.

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Focus on H5P: Asking the Socratic questions

By Lucian Sutevski,

Nastasha Sutevski sprinkles a little Socratic thinking on our favourite interactive tool.

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Focus on H5P: 3 reasons why you should make your videos interactive

By Nat Fay,

Take existing videos and transform them into interactive experiences with H5P's easy 3-step process.

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Using H5P to Flip the Classroom

By Jorge Reyna,

Why should you consider using H5P? Jorge Reyna outlines the ways in which it can be used to flip learning and engage students.

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