Are you a pedagogical pace-setter, or a leisurely learning guide? Does timing matter in a self-paced course, or should we leave learners to make their own way through content when it suits them? And what can we learn from talk show hosts and political prompters about holding the attention of populations and presidents?

Our most recent Learning Design Meetup re-visited last year’s popular pecha kucha format, handing over the content design again to our creative community. This time we asked them to share their experience and reflections on timing and pace in learning, keeping within the pecha kucha limits of 20 slides, with 20 seconds per slide to explain their ideas.

Topics ranged from the time pressures of study in another language, to designing curriculum, musical metaphors and a meditation on learnings from Indigenous weaving.

No time to join? Review all five of our wonderful presentations below – and take a moment to thank our generous presenters for their time!

1. How considerations of pacing can support international students

Presented by Rebecca Matteson, Senior Coordinator, Curriculum Projects.

Curious about techniques to bring the best out of learners? Read more from Rebecca about helping learners to express themselves in The mighty pen! Encouraging student voices in writing.

2. A Reflection Piece: On the impact of pace on learning experiences

Presented by Rachael McCallum, Learning Design Officer, Postgraduate Learning Design (PGLD).

Explore more from the Postgraduate Learning Design team and different approaches to pacing in course design: How we codesign online subjects with student workload in mind.

3. Ngarrindjeri Lakun

Presented by David Yeats, Learning Design and Technology Specialist, LX.lab.

Keen to hear more about this? Read about David’s experiences and reflections on Deep listening for deep learning on a Jawun secondment.

4. The UTS Revised Graduate Certificate in HE​ T&L: Complete at your own pace and in your own time

Presented by Dr Rachel Thompson and Dimity Wehr (Teaching and Curriculum Team, IML).

Read more from the TACT team about the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning.

5. From a Media Perspective: 9 tricks for pacing that are a total game changer

Presented by Matthew Vella, Educational Media Producer, IML.

Read Matt’s summary from the latest Video Meetup with guests from Bond University, University of Sydney, UNSW, the University of New England and the LX.lab in Watch: lightboards, presenting, social media and 3D modelling at the 15th UTS Video Meet-up.

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