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Blog like a boss: top tips & things to avoid

By Chris Girdler,

There’s one question to keep front of mind whenever you write any piece of content – why should the audience care? If you want your blog to find and engage an audience, you need to keep them in mind from the beginning. Here are 5 blog writing tips keeping...

Making connections at CanvasCon: top five insights

By Chris Girdler,

Fresh perspectives on shared challenges provide insight at the annual ed-tech event

Come and play in Canvas: how to access your sandpit

By Chris Girdler,

There are some changes coming to learning management systems at UTS. Explore new features and get prepared by jumping into your very own Canvas sandpit.

Space jam: learning in a Super Lab

By Chris Girdler,

Have you seen the UTS Super Lab? Take a tour with Rob Hardy from AVS and find out what makes it so super...

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