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Using H5P to Flip the Classroom

By Jorge Reyna,

Why should you consider using H5P? Jorge Reyna outlines the ways in which it can be used to flip learning and engage students.

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The video revolution in learning and teaching

By Jessica Tyrrell,

How can we best harness the unique properties of video to support student learning?

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The Quick Study: Flipped Learning

By Philip Betts,

In our new series The Quick Study, we'll be taking a walk through some key pedagogical ideas and texts as they're presented in the peer-reviewed literature. Each post will summarise a contemporary or historically significant article, providing a refresher or entry point to further reading.

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Comfort in the environment: accessibility and mental health

By Sarah Houbolt,

How do we talk about access requirements for mental health, and why is this important?

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UTS’ Most-Watched: Our Lynda.com Top 10

By Futures Team,

The most-watched Lynda.com courses at UTS, for students and staff, are...

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Weekly Presentations as Assessments? This is a must read!

By Oliver Coady,

Weekly presentations are becoming evermore popular. Organising students into their groups on the other hand, can be a heartache!

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How tablet computing annotation and sharing technology transforms student participation

By Rhiannon Hall,

Dr. James Wakefield from the UTS Business School is engaging students in Accounting tutorials by using tablets as learning aids.

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