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7 springs in our step – insights from student experiences of Autumn session

By Nicholas Manganas,

Nick Manganas offers a 7-step action plan for Spring session, based on students' feedback of remote learning.

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Are the travel restrictions putting the brakes on students’ international learning?

By Susan Oguro,

International programs are refusing to stay grounded in the remote teaching environment.

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Shine a spotlight on your students’ skills and experience during remote learning

By Mark Gawne,

Understand how the skills and experiences of students who are studying remotely correspond to the demands of the future of work.

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Creating community and connection for students affected by the travel restrictions

By Lx Team,

Although students may be unable to travel to Australia to participate in on-campus classes, they can still be made to feel like valued members of the UTS community.

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Helping students build courage and connection

By Kaitlin Moore,

International students take risks to develop a sense of belonging through English speaking practice programs. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the courage it takes to find your voice in a new language and what happens when you do. I used to live in the USA, and for several years...

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How co-design is transforming the learning experience

By LX Transformation,

Our collaborative culture is what differentiates UTS from other Universities. The UTS2027 Strategy builds on this, with the design of the strategy being designed collaboratively to look at increased opportunities to bring all corners of the university together to find new ways of working and support our thriving environment....

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Last weeks for the Student Experience Survey

By Martin Hanlon,

Make sure to let your students know the Student Experience Survey closes at the end of August...

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Insights from our alumni

By Amanda Sampol,

Ever wondered what our students take away with them when they start working in industry? We were curious, so we asked UTS graduates that work at Telstra, KPMG, Jigsaw (Fighting Chance) and Uber about their student learning experience.

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Assessment thoughts from a blue-sky day with elephants

By Elaine Huber,

If you had the opportunity to totally rethink your assessment practice, what would that look like?

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