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Enrol now for Technology-enhanced Learning

By Rachel Thompson,

Enrol for an online, 6-week subject to design your own inclusive activity in online, blended or hybrid mode.

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Relaunching the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning

By Franziska Trede,

The GCHETL is back with a new look! Enrol now for an opportunity to enhance your teaching and improve the student learning experience.

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4 reasons to get creative in your teaching

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Bringing creativity into your teaching can take more energy and time. So should we bother? If so, why?

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Reflections on change: the academic journey from travel restrictions to remote teaching

By Wenes Gunawan,

2020 has been a year of change for teaching and learning at UTS. Dr Kate M. Delmo, Dr Alana Piper and Dr Timothy Laurie share their experiences.

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Getting students to do pre-class activities: Advice from Joseph Yeo

By Richard Ingold,

One of lecturers’ and tutors’ common complaints is that many students don’t prepare for classes. But is it always their fault? And is it purely due to a lack of interest or motivation? Joseph Yeo answers these questions with a definitive “No”.

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Are weekly interactive quizzes the answer?

By Natalie Krikowa,

One question we ask ourselves before the start of each teaching session is, “how do we get our students to do the weekly readings and tutorial preparation activities?” I too, have been asking myself this question for years, and I think there might be a solution.

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