Students facilitated UTS’s first Climate Fresk workshop on September 16th 2022 at the LX.lab. Watch the video in this post to see how staff and students created a really memorable and lively on-campus event. Together they unpicked the connections between different nodes in the climate system and revealed how our current crisis has come about.

The student facilitators commented on the educational efficacy of an approach that put them in the driver’s seat.

I feel like I’m learning more at a deeper level to actually be able to explain it to other people. That’s somehow helping me learn.

Jaimie Novick, Fashion Ethics Sustainability Society
The Climate Fresk workshop in action (3:53 min)

We gave the student sustainability leaders strategic support and training alongside ownership of the workshop. The pay-off for this was a really collaborative and fun learning experience.

They say if you can teach something to someone, that’s when it really sticks in your brain.

Bronte de Silva, Fashion Ethics Sustainabilty Society

Learn more about the international Climate Fresk movement from the official website.

Meet the student sustainability leaders

To discover and explore solutions to the climate crisis, register to attend more student-led climate action related events this year. Can’t wait? Meet some of the student leaders from UTS Business Society and from Sustainability Alliance of Students and Staff who will be facilitating future workshops in 2022.

More upcoming sustainability events led by UTS students

  • This was such an insightful workshop and extremely well facilitated by the students!
    Thanks for organising, David.

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