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Find the best room for you – virtually!

By Chris Girdler,

A catalogue of virtual reality tours from AVS provides an interactive way to assess classrooms and plan your teaching.

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Get your classroom in order with AVS

By Lx Team,

Looking for a Zoom-enabled room on campus? You can now choose the best room for your needs via a virtual reality tour!

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Need help with classroom technology at UTS?

By Nikola Minovski,

Confused about how everything works in your room? Teaching in a new space can be daunting especially if you haven’t used the room before. Luckily there is help at hand. 

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Microsoft Office 365: Flow, training and tricks

By Emma Jenkins,

New to Microsoft Office365? There's plenty to explore, read on to find out some of the ways it can make your life simpler.

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Have your say in the 2018 AVS Training Survey

By Samuel Johnson,

Tell AVS what you want to know about the audio visual services at UTS.

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It’s AV Week at the LX.lab!

By Samuel Johnson,

Ever had difficulty with the AV technology in a classroom? A video plays with no sound, or a microphone won’t work? Not sure who to call? Check out AV Week at the LX.lab.

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Wireless presenting with AirMedia

By Jorge Reyna,

AirMedia is an application that allows presenting in the classroom without connecting your laptop, tablet or phone with cables. Get started with wireless presenting with these instructions.

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Need AV equipment for your subject? Here’s how to get it!

By Amit Patel,

Did you know learning and teaching staff have access to hire of laptops, PowerPoint remotes and adaptors? Find out how you can book the equipment you need for your subject.

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