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AI and data ethics: what does an ancient medical oath have to do with data ethics?

By David Yeats,

Can the Hippocratic Oath be applied to ethical data science and what's the best alternative we can use at UTS?

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Expressions of interest: develop ethical principles for AI in EdTech

By Simon Buckingham Shum,

Academics, casual tutors and students are invited to form a team to propose principles that will govern the use of analytics.

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Work with the Connected Intelligence Centre

By Futures Team,

The Connected Intelligence Centre is looking for a Research Associate/Research Fellow.

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Using data in teaching: 4 talks to see at the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum

By Allison Glavin,

Simon Knight, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, on how he and his colleagues are enhancing learning with data.

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4 ways to build data curiosity

By Simon Knight,

Data is increasingly around us, in how we understand our elections, meet our partners, engage with our students and are evaluated in our jobs. But what does it mean to be data literate? And why is it important?

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3 data dates for your diary

By Futures Team,

Telling stories with data, classroom translucence, automated writing feedback: three datalicious events coming up from the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre at the LX.lab.

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The art of Reflective Practice with UTS Pharmacy and the Connected Intelligence Centre

By Elise Flynn,

UTS Graduate School of Health has joined forces with the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre to establish a new method of providing feedback for postgraduate pharmacy students, winning a teaching innovation prize in the process! Read on to find out more about the collaboration.

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