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Advice from academics going through the LXT Whole of Course process

By Anna Stack,

One of the great things about the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum is hearing from a wide range of people about how they are approaching their teaching and planning across different faculties.  At the session A conversation with the “transformed”: stories from academics going through subject transformation we were...

Futures blog

Stepping into the LXT process: a chat with Dr Moira Scerri

By Richard Ingold,

How can we ensure a logical path through a course made up of many subjects? How can we cultivate cumulative building of knowledge and skills as students move through a course? Dr Moira Scerri answers these questions and gives her thoughts on the move to Canvas.

Futures blog

Whole of Course: What subject coordinators need to know

By LX Transformation,

The 'whole of course approach' is a key part of the LX Transformation. But what does it mean, and how does it affect you as a subject coordinator?

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