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The Inclusivity Experiment: inclusive education by design

By Rashmi Mohotti,

In an increasingly globalised world, with greater attention paid to environments that suit a wide range of people in a range of circumstances, inclusivity is more important than ever. Thus, The Inclusivity Experiment was born.   As an initiative built to challenge conventional ways of thinking about inclusivity, The Inclusivity Experiment couldn’t...

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Teaching the difference between biological sex and gender identity in first year science

By Lucy Mercer-Mapstone,

The Faculty of Science at UTS has six graduate attributes—skills, abilities, and knowledges which students need to have when they graduate. One of these graduate attributes is ‘Professional, ethical and social responsibility’—indicating that not only do we need to teach science, we need to teach science in a way...

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10 different perspectives on accessibility

By Rhiannon Hall,

Looking for ways to make sure your subject is accessible to students with a disability? These stories and resources from UTS staff will point you in the right direction.

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Redefining who belongs in Engineering

By Anne Gardner,

Myths and truths of what kinds of students can be found in engineering, and what's being done to increase diversity in the field.

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Why empathy, communication and support are key to helping your students

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Understanding how your students feel is the first step to helping them feel comfortable and welcome in your learning environment.

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