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Summer is coming to a lecture theatre near you

By Elaine Huber,

UTS is increasing the number of subjects that are available for student enrolment over the summer session. Most subjects will be delivered in the standard, blended format over the 12 week session but some subjects will be delivered in a block mode...

WCAG 2.0AA: Where Can Accessibility Go 2… Oh, Actually Awesome!

By Sarah Houbolt,

This thing called WCAG 2.0 AA, what exactly is that?

Take a walk around your neighbourhood…

By Elizabeth Humphrys,

Lessons in radical economic pedagogy. This post was co-authored by Elizabeth Humphrys and Keith Heggart.

The art of Reflective Practice with UTS Pharmacy and the Connected Intelligence Centre

By Elise Flynn,

UTS Graduate School of Health has joined forces with the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre to establish a new method of providing feedback for postgraduate pharmacy students, winning a teaching innovation prize in the process! Read on to find out more about the collaboration.

The Simulation Blues

By Sarah Houbolt,

Cultural competence and the use of simulations

Design Better Learning Experiences!

By Adrian Norman,

Take a look at this easy-to-understand model to help you design more effective and engaging learning experiences.

Put your students at the centre!

By Adrian Norman,

A simple model to help you design teaching that puts your students at the centre of the learning experience.

Avoiding the tumbleweed in class by blogging!

By Oliver Coady,

At times, we are all faced with the dreaded sound of tumbleweed and the piercing hiss of dry wind when asking our students open-ended questions. But there are solutions! Here is one.

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