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Your top questions about setting up online exams answered

By Michael Chan,

Setting up an online exam? We answer some of the most common questions that come up.

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Confessions of a Canvas exam checker: the top 3 myths busted

By Phillip Tang,

Bookmark this page so you can jog your memory every exams session and avoid these Canvas set-up fails.

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AI and post-pandemic proctoring: what now for online exams?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Highlights from a recent SoLAR discussion panel exploring the potential future for remote proctoring and online exams in Higher Education.

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Proctor Who? Demystifying online exams for your students

By Amanda White,

Amanda White shares some guidance to mitigate misunderstandings and reduce anxiety in students preparing for online exams.

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Online and automated exam proctoring: join a SoLAR panel session

By Simon Buckingham Shum,

An upcoming panel session explores arguments and evidence about the use of online proctoring.

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What type of exam should you consider for Spring 2020?

By LX Team,

Follow our decision tree to discover what exam type works best for you, so you can submit an exam request with confidence.

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How the LX.lab Online can help you

By LX Team,

With the rapid changes and move to remote teaching, we have adjusted the LX.lab support services to better assist you.

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How to write online exam questions

By Peter Kandlbinder,

Tips for writing fair and equitable exam questions to provide meaningful, practice-oriented tasks for students

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How do I design a ‘take-home exam’?

By Jo McKenzie,

If students are all at home anyway, how is a take-home exam different?

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