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International Open Access Week 2022 at UTS

By Mais Fatayer,

This year, International Open Access Week explores the links between access and climate justice.

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Open textbooks will change your life

By David Yeats,

Want to know our top tips for using or even writing an Open Textbook? Learn what went down during UTS Open Access Week.

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What makes a video ideal for reusing and sharing?

By Sharleen Heng,

Five things to consider when you are creating high-quality, shareable videos with longevity and reusability in mind.

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A shared experience: 3 panels to attend during Open Access Week

By LX Team,

Our guide to the UTS Library's three-day Open Access event.

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Free open datasets to use in your next project

By Sharleen Heng,

There are endless open data sites online – here's a quick reference guide to some of the most common and useful collections.

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Open Educational Resources Part 4: open access and free access

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Is it right to label a free resource an 'open resource'? This post by Janet Chelliah and Shemiran Yaghobi sheds light on correct terminology.

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Learning to be open: Open Access as a deliberate academic practice

By Bhuva Narayan,

When I was first asked seven years ago whether I wanted to publish my doctoral thesis as open access on the university’s online institutional repository or enforce an embargo on it, it was the first time I had heard about such an embargo.

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